• Heidi Jaquith

Christmas gift guide for every budget

From stocking stuffers to lavish gifts, sometimes the guys just need a good straight forward idea. Also, sometimes us as women need ideas. Everything on this gift guide I own, use and love. I will list it out according to price so it will fit your budget. I personally love things that I don’t have to keep forever or where people have to guess my style. I love things I can USE and then throw away or recycle.

1- Homemade melt and pour soap. Previous blog on how to do this easy step by step inexpensive gift. This is best for party favors or if you have coworkers and you need to make numerous inexpensive nice little gifts. The cost is a bit more upfront but inexpensive and cute for each individual bar of soap. Check it out on a previous post. I promise its so easy.

2- Trader Joes face mask and Rose facial spray- I discovered these a few months ago and LOVE them. I buy a few extra each time to hand out as little gifts

3- Lush Scrubbie – My favorite luxury. A while back I realized I rewarded myself with food. This was the first little luxury I used as a replacement. If I felt accomplished or wanted to reward myself…this little guy was tucked away in the bathroom for ‘special occasions’ and I LOVE the body butter and the exfoliant. I gave them out at Mother’s Day and had a lot of good feedback.

4- Hello Lindsey Lou car diffuser- 10$ for a car air fresher for the girl who loves her essential oils. Locally made in bend by a cute little mama. She has her own shop on Etsy. You can request the colors and the cost includes shipping.

5- Dan DiPaolo calendar- it’s on amazon prime for around 12$. The past 5 years I’ve been getting his calendars for our kitchen and always get an extra one for my mom. Cute and coffee themed

6- Watercolor paper pad, some water colors and optional bottle of red wine (we like' hot to trot' at Costco, under 10$ and goes with anything). – There is something about painting after the kids go to bed with some easy listening music that is so relaxing.

7- The Intentional Daily Planner- I am biased because I created this. Under 15$, track your meals, track your workouts, plan your day and open your Bible. Literally all my favorite things to start my day.

8- A line a day journal- This is a line a day journal I've had for 5 years! Next month I will be finished with it. So fun to look back and see how much you and your kids have grown and how your day has changed! PS- Joel if your reading this I need a new one.

9- These eye masks- I use them every Monday. If I’m sending a card to a friend, I always put one package in the envelope. Fun little luxury.

10- Scratch off map- from amazon and so cool. We recently stayed at an Airbnb and saw this exact one. I loved it and added it to my Christmas list (again Joel…the link is here). You scratch off each area you visited. This is the only thing I don't have already listed, but I saw this in the flesh and loved it.

11- Birkenstocks- these are the less expensive ones, crazy comfortable and in my season of life with 3 young kids and 2 different school drop offs, slide on shoes just bless me. I wear them with socks. I’m either really cool or super dorky. I got mine at Nordstrom for 40$

12- Express sweater- I love a good sweater. Got this cozy oversized on at 40 percent off.

13- Victoria secret satin pajama set- I rarely every buy pajamas. I sleep in my workout clothes or old tank tops. This year I decided to treat myself. I've been sleeping in these pj's every night. The first night I snuggled my kids in bed with my cute new pajamas they said “mom you just feel so soft." I feel fancy, and love them. Love them. I'm actually wearing these now as I write this.

14- FabFitFun box or subscription- I’ve been getting these just a little over a year now. It comes quarterly and it’s a fun present to myself. Girls who love mail…. ask for this. I’ve bought additional boxes to hand out the contents as gifts. It’s always a hit and a miss with each box but overall, I think it’s totally worth.

15- If all fails and you don’t know what to do SPA, PEDICURES, GIFT CERTIFICATES to a spa near your house. Not adding more items into your house but giving a girl the gift of alone time and pampering is just sweet heaven.

If you use any of these or enjoy these blogs, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to write me an email through the blog. Happy Holidays!


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