• Heidi Jaquith

Easy Homemade Soap

This is not a joke. I’ve been doing melt and pour soap with my kids. No doubt there are way cooler people out there who make the soap themselves. When I started I bought my melt and pour soap at our local craft store or off amazon. Link below to the soap base I’ve used and the molds I have. I currently got a wholesale deal on 50 pounds of Stephenson Personal Care soap base so that’s currently what I am working with.

Things you need-

1- Soap base

2- A knife

3- A wood stick to stir

4- A pot

5- Soap molds

6- Essential oils (stress away from Young Living or your choice)

7- Tea for this particular soap

8- Mica powder (optional for the green)

9- OPTIONAL little bags, hemp, and tags

Step one- cut up 1-2 pounds of soap into chunks that are more easily meltable, place in pot on medium heat and stir until totally melted and no more clumps

Step two- here you have the option to add in a tad bit of the Mica Powder, stir to the darkness of color you are liking.

Step three- cut open a green tea bag and pour all or most of it into the pot and stir.

Step four- Turn off the heat, add 30-40 drops of your favorite essential oils (for this specific one I did Young Living Stress Away)

Step five- pour into your soap molds

Step six- wait at LEAST an hour…or several hours before taking them out of your molds.

Step seven- wrap as desired

This soap I personally love. I have it in each bathroom and one in the shower. The tea leaves give it a bit of an exfoliant feel and the stress away smells magical, lets just be real here.

We love to give these as little party favors, in addition to a gift or just anytime someone comes over. We have a basket of soap already wrapped up and anytime we go somewhere new or have someone over my daughter will grab one and throw it at you. I love that my kids help and then get to see how happy they are to give it away. A fun project to do together with your kids.

Young Living Stress Away is my favorite oil for soaps.


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