• Heidi Jaquith

The story behind the Intentional Daily Planner

Late in 2017 the YMCA asked me to put together a calendar to sell at our front desk celebrating our 150th anniversary. Each month I had a theme of either self-care, nutrition or a mini workout. I absolutely loved it, felt refreshed, proud and wanted to make a million more. It got my mind spinning. I started to see potential everywhere in ideas of what I can use for my future creations. My daughter who was three at the time, would paint these artistic colorful lines using up pads of paper. Every once in a while, I pull out canvases, turn on relaxing music and have a family paint night. Seeing Hadley’s art, I had the idea that it could be transformed into a book cover or something I do in the future. Then I put the canvas in the laundry room to be forgotten where it sat for months.

A few months later at my book club, we read “Girl, wash your face” by Rachel Hollis. It brought desires that I’ve wanted to do and create to the forefront of my mind. I had wanted to do my own daily planner. My mindset changed from “one day” to “I’m doing this.” I wake up early every morning, make my coffee and basically write out my to do list, my schedule for the day, I read scripture and write a few key verses down. Then I draw lines all over my notebook separating the sections and write down my meals each day and my workouts. I thought it would be nice if there was something out there that could combine all I do in my morning routine. Or maybe I can create this in a way where people can build a new habit one simple step at a time. People that already are in their workout or bible routine could do this too! No matter how busy you are, if the alarm didn’t go up or you literally have kids screaming by 5:45am, everyone has 3 minutes to do the daily movement. After Rachel Hollis’ book the vibe I got from it was - you are in control of you; If you want to do something do it. That book is what kicked my booty into gear.

Okay, so I sit down for a few hours, reheat my coffee 15 times and look up all my favorite verses and write them down. I create a movement assigned to the specific days. Now, it's all in my journal handwritten sitting in my desk. Its “done” but now how do I transfer paper to computer to a book we can actually touch, hold and feel? I ask my husband “Hey, are you fine with me risking some money, possibly losing it? ’He smiles and says “Heidi, that’s a great idea,” gosh I love him. Wish he said it in Spanish but whatever. I actually took the step of starting to put my feelers out there and see what people charge. After I found someone and we worked and found a design I loved, I had to find an editor and a publisher. I made literally like 2000 decisions on THIS planner. There were hurdles, there were bumps, there was something that I imagined, then there was a give and take with what I originally wanted. I sat on this again! I was half way through the process but was a little scared to commit to a certain decision on a book type. My friend Pamela, encouraged me that I can make more and start. Sometimes I just needed to restart my engine and commit. After an encouraging conversation with her I went home and told my editor what I decided on and wanted. We worked together to make it exactly how I imagined.

My life is currently revolved around my family. I have 3 little kids and whatever I do outside of the home I want it to be incorporated with my family. I remembered Hadley’s art. I went to Kinkos, scanned her canvas at the highest resolution. I asked the designer to use her three year old art, making it artistic and simple and somehow not make it look like a three year old did it. Hard request I know. He sent me multiple options back. There were two that I absolutely loved. I had a stomach ache for a few days just thinking of having to make the final decision. Since Hadley did the art, I decided to let my six year old make the final decision. We went to pick him up for school and I showed him both pictures. “Ryker, which do you like more for a special planner I’m making…you get to make the decision.” He smiled and pointed to what is now the cover of the Intentional Daily Planner.

My heart behind this was to help others get into holistic habits that benefit the body and soul. Our culture is such a fast paced one. I thought of mothers, since that’s my current season of life, of how literally sometimes they don’t get to go the bathroom alone, they don’t remember the last time they showered or they are the last one to eat. I love reading Gods word and I love working out. There are however somedays where I don’t wake up to my alarm at 5:30am, or I’m rushed around. Everyone has the 20 seconds to look up a verse. Everyone has the 120 seconds to move your body. Heck, do it when your reheating your coffee! This is do-able. For all seasons, for all ages (pushups against the wall, plank against the wall…. there’re always modifications if you’re new to fitness). I wanted Christians who haven’t cracked open their Bibles in a while to open it. I wanted people that haven’t moved their bodies to start out with something small and achievable. I want people to have a habit of filling themselves up on the word of God and I want people to feel strong, healthy and nourished. These things take work and I wanted to make something to get people into creating these new habits. Please, please still go to the gym. Please sign up for barre, or a do a tone it up video on YouTube. Please read your Bible and enjoy Bible studies at your local church. This was created to get you back in the habit AND to do with other people. Have your mom, sister, friend, co-worker join you. Do the same movements each day, read the same verse each day. Text each other you are done just for some accountability. I’ve put prayer into this. I care about you. I care about your health and your body. I care greatly about being healthy in body and in the heart. I’m so excited to do this with you.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies.


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