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Whole 30 tips and why I chose to do it

Back in June 2018, I completed my first whole 30. If you know me, you know this is a MAJOR victory. I'll get real with you real fast. I love working out, I love nourishing my body, and man do I have a sweet tooth. I mean, like I ate 22 mini paleo pecan muffins in 10 minutes. If my brain is a computer screen, sugar is something that is always always on my home screen whether its downsized or not. I read an amazing book called Made to Crave by Lysa T and realized I was a slave to sugar. If I was happy, sad, bored or stressed I would turn to food to 'escape' or fill me. I never ever wanted sugar to take the place of God in my life but I would turn to food in times my soul needed to be filled with the word of truth. I did whole30 for my MIND. I did it to nourish myself, be back in control, and as the cool whole 30 people say it "slay the sugar dragon." Today is December 31st and I officially started round 2 today, ending it purposefully on January 29th (hey, the 30th is my book club and I want to celebrate with a glass of wine).

In June I rocked it. The only thing that went in my body that wasn't whole 30 approved was an allergy pill. I'm shocked at myself and incredibly proud. If I can do it, ANYONE can. For real, you can do it. You take it a day at a time, sometimes a meal at a time and you just keep moving forward. 

My tips

1- ANNOUNCE IT- I put it on my insta-story day 1 meal 1, and oh my word I was committed. Each day on my story I posted 1 meal. If everyone knew I was doing it there was no way I was going to show everyone my lack of self control by giving up early. Seriously.  Announce it. 

2- Get whole 30 graduates on your side - I had 4 girls I texted that have 'been there, done that." They told me what bbq sauce to get and where, which brands were life changing and whole30 approved. On days I wanted wine, I texted them and they said "girl go get a la criox and put it in a wine glass...you got this."

3- Get the whole 30 day by day journal - no one joined me for the whole 30, so with this journal I did it first thing in the morning with my coffee and devotions. Felt like I was doing it with a friend, it gave me tips and encouragement and room to write down non scale victories and my meals each day. Its like 12$ and so worth it. I bought a new one for round 2.

4- Do it. Do it- Its only 30 days. Prove to yourself you can do it. You will feel amazing. 

5- Nutpods creamer for my black brewed coffee, Tessamaes BBQ sauce, Trader Joe's broccoli slaw then I added in Primal kitchens mayo and ACV to turn it into coleslaw. I put the slaw on everything. Lots of crockpot meals. I used Whole30 fast and easy cookbook for a lot and then got creative on my own. I loved dicing up tiny potato medleys and throwing it in mesquite seasoning and olive oil. Also go to costco and get as much flavored sparkling water as you can. I had one each night to replace my wine or snacking.

6- The Whole Smiths Cookbook - most things in this are whole30 approved but not all. Go to page 41 and make the grain free popcorn chicken. You will hug me later or want to write the author a thank you for being a genius letter.

My experience doing Whole30 in June 2018

The first week I was on a role and each day I was like " Heidi you are a champion your actually doing this."

On day 15 I woke up feeling lean, like a champ and freaking proud of myself. Then I jumped on the scale and was down half a pound....uhh I was ticked. Then I was guilty I was ticked. I'm so 'above that', I'm not a scale girl, I take pride in my strength...I was doing this for mental reasons....so why did loosing one measly half of a pound tick me off? I was just a few pounds away from my pre-first baby weight and I wanted to see that dumb number. I was mad for 5 hours, then decided I wasn't going to let a 20$ thing dictate my feelings. I AM in control.

So I choose joy, I reminded myself how good I FELT and how my tight jeans were a little too big. I put the scale away and continued on. 3 weeks in I got my body fat tested, although I weighed the same I was down 2% in my body fat! 

Day30- I weighted myself and for the first time in 6 years I was back in the 130's .   I lost a total of 4 pounds, down a FULL pant size and felt accomplished as freaking heck. I am not a slave to food. I'm nourished, accomplished and strong! I am so energetic, my mind isn't obsessed with sugar, my whole family ate better, we didn't get sick and my skin looks amazing!

Its actually refreshing to see what I had written and how good and energetic I felt after doing this for the first time. I do not think whole 30 is for everyone. I don't ever want to be the whole 30 police. But I DO think that if you feel out of control when it comes to sugar or alcohol to give it a shot. Its just 30 days and you can rock it for 30 days.

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